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Get to know

How to useWhy is it worth using?

Mountval’s Down Wash removes dirt and refreshes your down jacket. Prevents the formation of down lumps, improving fluffiness and insulating properties. Additionally, Mountval’s Down Wash maintains its hydrophobic properties. Mountval down detergent is an ideal solution for down clothing before applying an impregnating agent (e.g. Mountval Textile Shield).

What to use for?

Down Wash Mountval is best suited for down clothing and sleeping bags. Down Wash Mountval is designed for all types of down: natural, synthetic and waterproof. The product is ideal for preparing clothes for subsequent impregnation.

Safety and ecology

the product is safe both for clothes and for the user and meets the highest safety standards. Contains natural ingredients such as palm oil and is biodegradable.

How to use

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label. Use Mountval Down Wash instead of traditional detergent and place 1.5 capfuls or 75 ml in the detergent compartment of your washing machine. For best results, tumble dry your clothes at a low temperature. Mountval Down Wash can also be used for hand washing.

1 bottle contains 300ml. Instructions for use are included in the product description.

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Powerful washing and refreshing agent for down, down jackets, down-filled sleeping bags and clothes.

Outdoor and trekking clothes filled with down require special care. Down attracts oil and dirt and loses its insulating properties. Additionally, care using traditional detergents may negatively impact breathability because it leaves chemical residues in the down. Down Wash takes care of the point: use it instead of traditional detergent to keep your down garments intact.

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