Effective waterproof solutions, safeguarding surfaces against all weather conditions. Moisture and rain resistance for long-lasting protection.

Get to know

What to use for?

Mountval Polar Wash is best suited for clothing intended for outdoor activities such as mountaineering and skiing, where advanced materials such as fleece, microfleece, fleece, micro fleece, Stretch, Soft-Shells are used.

Safety and ecology

The product is safe both for your clothes and for you and meets the highest safety standards.

How to use

Mechanical washing – Pour 75 ml into the washing powder compartment, depending on the degree of dirt of the clothes (approx. 1.5 caps).

Hand wash – pour about 1.5 caps into 10 liters of water, water temperature depends on the temperature given on the clothing label.

1 bottle contains 300ml. Instructions for use are included in the product description.

Made in Europe




An efficient washing agent for outdoor, sports and everyday clothing, such as: fleece, microfleece, fleece, micro fleece, Stretch, Soft-Shells and others.

Polar Wash thoroughly cleans and removes dirt and stains. It also removes unpleasant odors, refreshes the color and makes the material soft and pleasant to the touch. The most important thing, however, is that it does not block the breathability while maintaining the insulating properties of the material.

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