Effective waterproof solutions, safeguarding surfaces against all weather conditions. Moisture and rain resistance for long-lasting protection.

Get to know

For any equipment

Suitable for footwear, clothing and equipment with Gore-Tex and other hi-tech and climate membranes. 1 bottle contains 100 ml (3.4 fl oz) and has a foam cap applicator. No solvents. Can be used for all colors.

How to use

The preparation is safe and easy to use thanks to a special foaming tip. First, remove dirt from the fabric or leather using a cloth or brush. Apply the foam to a damp sponge or cloth and rub in. Allow to dry. Materials made of suede, nubuck or microfibers are brushed with a sponge. In the case of leather, polish with a soft cloth.

Capacity 100 ml

Made in Europe




Foam for cleaning shoes, trekking clothes and equipment

Mountval Shampoo is an advanced cleaning foam developed for cleaning all types of clothing, equipment and footwear.

Versatile use

Perfect for outdoor clothing and textiles, smooth leather, nubuck and suede, it has made it possible to use materials that cannot be washed in a washing machine. If your jacket or backpack is not machine washable, Mountval shampoo will refresh and spot clean it. Can also be used as a prewash.

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