Effective waterproof solutions, safeguarding surfaces against all weather conditions. Moisture and rain resistance for long-lasting protection.

Get to know

How to use?

Mountval Silver Freshness contains nanosilver particles that prevent unpleasant odors. The product provides a long-lasting feeling of freshness and hygiene. 1 bottle is enough for up to 7 applications.

What to use for?

Mountval Silver Freshness liquid is ideal for sportswear, functional and thermal underwear and other sweat-wicking layers or base layers worn directly against the skin.

Safety and ecology

The product is safe for both clothing and the user and meets the highest safety standards. Nanosilver particles come from naturally processed sources.

How to use

Before washing, read the recommendations for washing and maintaining the product.

Machine wash – shake the package, measure 1 measuring cup (45ml), pour into the rinse container. Set the rinsing program. Dry by hanging.

Hand wash – shake the package, measure 1 measuring cup (45ml) per 10 liters of cold water. Wash by soaking. After 5-10 minutes – squeeze. Dry by hanging.

1 bottle contains 315 ml. Instructions for use are included in the product description.

Made in Europe




Odor neutralizing freshener. Softener for fabrics, sportswear, thermoactive clothing, and underwear.

Conventional detergents or fabric softeners do not completely remove odors. As a rule, odors are covered with perfumes, the effect of which fades quickly, which is why sportswear quickly begins to smell bad. Silver Freshness by Mountval prevents unpleasant odors from forming throughout the fabric.

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