Effective waterproof solutions, safeguarding surfaces against all weather conditions. Moisture and rain resistance for long-lasting protection.

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How to use?

Mountval Textile Shield Refresher Spray Impregnation restores the waterproofness of rainwear while maintaining its breathability, simply spray on and leave to dry. Use it when your clothing’s waterproofing has already worn out. It has a pleasant smell and does not contain solvents.

What to use for?

Mountval Textile Shield is ideal for all types of waterproof clothing and equipment. Works perfectly with climate membranes such as Gore-tex®, Sympatex®, eVENT®

How to use

Mountval Textile Shield is a spray product. Hold the bottle about 15 cm from the jacket. Spray evenly on the exterior surface. Wait a minute and remove excess with a damp cloth. Leave it to dry and enjoy your next hiking adventure.

It won’t change the color of your clothes. If your clothes are dirty, remember not to wash them in regular detergent, but in Mountval Wash & Care or another gentle rainwear washing solution.

1 bottle contains 300 ml. The user manual can be found in the product description.

Made in Europe




Impregnating spray with a pleasant scent for rainwear and outdoor equipment.

Impregnation compatible with Gore-Tex.

Your leisurewear, hiking clothes and outdoor equipment lose their waterproofing over time. Once the hydrophobization of clothing has worn out, it can be restored using an impregnation treatment. Mountval Textile Shield is a technologically advanced spray solution that makes clothing and equipment waterproof without compromising breathability. Suitable for climate membranes such as Gore-Tex and others.

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