Effective waterproof solutions, safeguarding surfaces against all weather conditions. Moisture and rain resistance for long-lasting protection.

Get to know

Why is it worth using?

Mountval Waterproofing Refresher laundry impregnation restores the waterproofness of rainwear, penetrates deep into the fabric, makes it waterproof and at the same time makes it breathable. Use it when you feel that the waterproofness of your clothing has ended. If your clothes are dirty, wash them before or during treatment with Mountval Wash & Care solution.

What to use for?

Mountval Waterproofing Refresher is ideal for all types of waterproof clothing and equipment. It works perfectly with climate membranes such as Gore-Tex and can be used to impregnate equipment and tents.


The product is safe for both your clothing and you and meets the highest safety standards

How to use

The products can be used for hand and machine washing.

Machine washing: pour the product into the fabric softener container. If the material allows it, you can dry it in a dryer to preserve the waterproof properties.

Hand wash: apply the product using a sponge or cloth.

Made in Europe




Liquid for washing and impregnating tourist clothing and equipment.

Your leisurewear, trekking clothes and hiking equipment lose their waterproofing over time. Once a garment’s waterproofing has worn out, it can be restored with a waterproofing treatment. Mountval Waterproofing Refresher is a technologically advanced solution that makes your clothing and equipment waterproof without compromising breathability. Suitable for climate membranes such as Gore-Tex and others

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